Well Installation & Service:

The first step in the well installation process is choosing a well location. The well is sited by a site technician or an engineer. Several factors are taken into consideration when siting the well including: isolation distance requirements established by each State; underground utilities; equipment access to the site and overhead access for the rig tower.

The driller and equipment are then dispatched to the property and the rig sets up on the chosen location. The driller begins by drilling an 8 ¾ inch hole to the point where either water or bedrock is encountered. If there is no water above bedrock, the driller then drills a minimum of twenty feet into rock. Six inch steel well casing is installed to seal out groundwater contaminants. The drilling continues with a six inch drill bit until sufficient water is attained. The well is then developed to remove all drilling material from the well hole. A water tight well cap is installed on the six inch steel well casing that extends roughly 18 inches above ground.

The average well in Southern Vermont is approximately 300 feet deep.

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