The Benefits of Geothermal Heating & Cooling:

  • Cost Effective

    - savings on monthly bills of 30-70% in heating mode and 20-50% in cooling mode.
  • Comfortable

    - constant even comfort with no hot or cold spots.
  • Safe and Clean

    - no flame, no flue, no odors; just safe reliable operation year after year.
  • Quiet

    - no noisy outdoor compressor.
  • Versatile

    - compatible with nearly any home or business.
  • Environmentally Friendly

    - emits no C02, a major contributor to indoor and outdoor air pollution
  • Elimination of Outdoor or Rooftop Units

    - the system is not exposed to temperature extremes, dirt, pollution or vandalism.
  • Lower life-cycle cost

    than ordinary systems and long equipment life (20 yrs. or more).
geothermal heating

Technician Ryan Eddy pulls geothermal looping for a current project.

geothermal system illustrated

Open Loop System

geothermal system

Closed Loop System

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