Commercial Customers:

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Ski Industry
  • STRATTON MOUNTAIN, resort facility, Bondville

    "FROST is an extremely reputable and ‘can-do’ outfit--when the chips are down, in critical situations, we can rely of them. They’ve replaced water pumps at extremely critical times--(e.g.) Mid-Mountain Restaurant. FROST replaced the pump overnight in -60 degree wind chill. The restaurant was operating the next day. We’re in a service business, so we appreciate how FROST came through quickly. FROST is a performer."
  • MOUNT SNOW, VERMONT, USA,, West Dover: Bob LaBlond

    "Frost has drilled wells and provided services at our ski area for at least 40 years. They have been in the worst places during the worst weather, and have worked around the clock to get us through a real problem. “When the chips are down, calling Frost is like calling a friend….I know they’ll be there. "
  • MANCHESTER VIEW MOTEL, Manchester: Tom Barnett

    "We’ve been dealing with Frost since 1977 and wouldn’t think of using anyone else. We’re in the business of renting rooms--therefore it’s imperative we give good service and get good service. That’s what Frost gives you any time of day or night."
Architects ­ Engineers ­ Builders
  • WAGNER, HEINDEL & NOYES, hydrogeologists, Burlington: Craig Heindel

    "We’ve worked with FROST since we went into business in 1980. We’ve come to respect FROST as one of the best well drillers in southern Vermont. FROST is one of the best in the state. The drilling team is careful, conscientious, and familiar with geological conditions--very important in a high quality product. Many of our clients, like towns and ski areas, use FROST on a regular basis."
  • PIONEER ENVIRONMENTAL ASSOCIATES, LLC., environmental scientists, Middlebury: Eric Hansen

    "We rely on FROST for our frequent work in the southern part of the State, and have called on Frost to tackle well drilling projects in some pretty remote and rugged locations. The work is always professionally done, on time, and in a manner that often exceeds our expectations. FROST is always quick to reply to our needs, and their friendly, knowledgeable staff is a pleasure to work with."
  • GEOMETRICS, architect, Bondville: Doug Velsor

    "We’ve worked on projects together for 30 years--all kinds. Their service has been very good, timely, and at the right price. We have no qualms about recommending FROST to any of our clients."
  • BLAKE EQUIPMENT CO., pump specialists, Rutland: Jerry Brislin

    "We’ve been doing business with FROST for over 40 years. Our businesses have grown together--it’s a good relationship. FROST has an excellent outfit--super people. Something unique about FROST, Inc., they won’t walk away from a problem until it’s solved."
  • WM. E. DAILEY, ready -mix supplier, Shaftsbury: Gordon Clark

    "We contacted FROST to do a well. They did it exactly as contracted. They did it right and on time!"
  • DOVER BUILDING COMPANY, West Dover: Bob North

    "FROST has done our well drilling for many years. I have found them to be responsive to our time schedule and always willing to help if there is a problem. I would definitely recommend them to anyone desiring fair pricing and quality work."
  • WINHALL REAL ESTATE, Bondville: Ted Cetron

    "I’ve worked with FROST since 1972. Jack and his people have always done a good job--they’re dependable. Over the years FROST has put in over 40 systems for us. We’re very pleased with the service."