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angie bolduc jack and sarah frost Gary Butts
Angie Bolduc Jack & Sarah Frost Gary Butts

After a stint in the Navy during the Korean War, Jack Frost graduated as a mining engineer from Colorado School of Mines. He spent a few years in the “corporate world”, before he decided to change to a better environment for his expanding family. The opportunity to become a partner in Stavens & Frost Well Drilling business in East Dorset in 1965 was what he was looking for, and after fourteen years he bought out his other partners.

Sarah Frost retired from teaching in 1998 to become office manager and comptroller of the company. She relinquished the managerial position a few years ago to a very capable person, Angela Bolduc, but remains active in the business. The Frosts have 8 children and 22 grandchildren.

Since 1965 the company has expanded into all major areas of water system installations and water quality control. Dan Frost is in charge of the well drilling aspect of the business. For over 24 years, Gary Butts, as a certified installer, has managed our pump, water treatment, and most recently, our expanding geothermal branches. We have had three generations of the Townsend family working with us as experienced technicians and well drillers.

We pride ourselves in our professionalism and excellent customer service.

dan frost three generations Jody Townsend
Dan Frost Three Generations of
Frosts & Townsends
Jody Townsend